Thursday, June 11, 2009

Coming Soon... I Think

As soon as I feel ready to make a go of this.


  1. Gwen! I can't seem to find a way to e-mail you through your blog/s. Your comment on my post means so much (made me cry). And I read your recent entry on your Friends Let're a great writer. What are you thinking not writing more?! You shouldn't hesitate for a second. You don't realize that most people can't just "do that," just write what they're thinking. If you feel like it, send me your e-mail!

  2. Gwen: I tried to post this on your Friends Don't Let Friends...but it wouldn't let me. I read your post form today or yesterday, and loved it. Here's what I wrote:

    I love this post. AS you know, I completely relate. One time I was having a similar conversation you were having with kevin, with a friend, and I thought he was going to say: just quit whining about it ... but when I asked him what I should do, what he said was, "Maybe you just need to be really really kind to yourself." Something that hadn't even occurred to me in the midst of all my self-punishing. And Eckhart Tolle, of the Power of Now, is a huge advocate of the down time. But I understand the losing-a-whole-day feeling and I work on it all the time... keep posting. People need to read this stuff so they don't feel so alone!